Tasso Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Tasso Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian mining company operating in Arunachal Pradesh with three graphite mining leases, and a large land package with significant upside exploration potential from mineral claims.

Tasso adopts new and advanced forms of sophisticated technology that focuses on safe mining operations without causing much damage to the sustainable environment. This group, in an endless endeavour to discover new forms of material and technology, has used graphite in several urban and industrial units.

Tasso Alloys hold three leases in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Bopi- located in Kamle district, Arunchal Pradesh
  • Dodeserum- located in Lower Subansiri district, Arunchal Pradesh
  • Tai-Techidoni- located in Upper Subansiri and Leparada districts, Arunchal Pradesh

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