Is The Need For Frac Sand Bringing Scarcity To The Industry?

The Demand For Concrete And Frac Sand

As far as we look, we find the presence of quality sand. But even then, top sand mining companies are complaining about inadequate supply. Why is that so? Let’s see. 

Just like any other regular commodity, sand needs uniformity. Aggregate or uniform sand includes crushed stone, gravel as well as concrete. Sands which we find in golf or volleyball courses are mostly speciality sands. With all the problems revolving around sand, many sand extraction companies are showing their concerns. 

How Is Sand Putting An End To Infrastructure Development Slowly?

The planned infrastructural expansion in several parts of the nation is highly ambitious. At present, India is experiencing more than $52 billion building industry. Moreover, it has been placed in such a position that it demands it heavily. To address this demand, a lot of illegal this mining has been going on. In 2017, Saudi Arabia announced a plan of $500 billion mega-city. One can imagine the amount of sands necessary to make this plan successful.

Policymakers are largely ignoring this mining as well as dredging. However with climate changes on coastal cities, this will probably change. At present, in the US. the quickest-growing use of sands involves fortifying shorelines. These are becoming increasingly powerful in terms of resistance to natural disasters. Additionally, inland uses include temporary sands dams as well as sandbad installations. 

While there are various substitutes of it, they are a big load on the pocket. Increasingly, manufacturers are beginning to recycle cement and asphalt. Although the comparative usage is quite small. Simultaneously, investors are searching to make a play on sands that will further give rise to future developments. 

Boom And Bust Of Frac Sand

Energt Exploration and Production uses sands as a key proppant in industrial hydraulic fracturing. As a result, the quantity of sands drawn is relatively high. Moreover, proppants get combined with a liquid to keep fracking walls open. Furthermore, it facilitates the removal of both oil and natural gas. Individual fracking wells mostly utilize seven million pounds of sands. 

On the other hand, there is a high fragmentation among theses suppliers. There are more than 50 large sand mining service providers globally. Also, frac sands suppliers lie among the hardest hit in the mid 2014, owing to the drilling activities. Wells continue to grow longer as well as wider because modern-day hydraulic fracking is primitive. 

Key Takeaways

With this, we can understand the current state of sand mining. Do you wish to get sustainable sand mining services for your industry? Then, get in touch with Abhinna Investments. We are a noteworthy name among the top sand mining companies in India.