What Are Certain Remarkable Properties Of Aggregates?

Aggregate Properties One Must Know

The mineral materials used by aggregate mining companies are construction aggregates. Their main purpose is to produce bulk quantities of construction materials.

There can be 90 to 95% of asphalt when an aggregate is used as filler. Additionally, the percentage can vary to 70-80% in concrete mixtures. But, the application of aggregates in composite materials is much more than that. Let’s know in detail from reliable aggregate mining service providers. 

Properties Of Construction Materials And Aggregates

The properties of aggregates can greatly affect the performance and durability of concrete and asphalt mixes, making them an important factor in the construction industry. Here are a few important properties of aggregates:

  1. Gradation: The distribution of particle sizes within an aggregate is known as gradation. A well-graded aggregate has a range of particle sizes and a good balance between coarse and fine particles, which results in better workability, improved strength, and reduced permeability of concrete and asphalt mixes.
  1. Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of an aggregate refers to its relative density compared to water. This property affects the weight of the concrete and asphalt mix and, therefore, the overall load-bearing capacity of the structure.
  1. Absorption: Absorption is the ability of an aggregate to retain water. Aggregates with high absorption tend to have a higher volume after soaking, leading to weaker concrete or asphalt mixes. On the other hand, low absorption aggregate result in a more dense and durable mixture.
  1. Durability: Durability refers to the ability of an aggregate to resist degradation due to weathering and physical abrasion. Aggregates with high durability maintain their strength and structure over time, resulting in a longer lifespan for the concrete or asphalt mix.
  1. Shape and Texture: The shape and texture of an aggregate can affect the workability and finish of concrete and asphalt mixes. For example, angular aggregates result in a rougher texture and improved bonding, while rounded aggregate have a smoother texture and better flow.
  1. Chemical Composition: The chemical composition of an aggregate can affect its reactivity with cement and other components of concrete and asphalt mixes. Aggregates that contain reactive minerals may cause unwanted expansion and crack in the finished product.

These are just a few of the important properties of aggregates that can affect the performance and durability of concrete and asphalt mixes. It is important to consider these properties when selecting aggregates for construction projects.

Wrapping It Up

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