Day-To-Day Products That Have Traces Of Graphite In Them

Graphite And Products Made Out Of It
Graphite And Products Made Out Of It

Graphite is not only a mineral, but it is also something we find in every day products. Let’s see in what ways graphite mining service providers use it.

Carbon is popular as the base element of maximum things. Graphite is one of its allotropes and is exceptionally soft. One can use it in tons of commercial as well as industrial uses. Graphite mining companies receive demands from all sorts of industries for this semi-precious mineral. 

10 Products That Make Use Of Graphite

Graphite mining takes place in various parts of the world, including Brazil, Canada, China, India, and Madagascar. It often has traces in metamorphic rocks and one can extract it through underground mining or open-pit mining methods. It is an allotrope of carbon. It means that it has the same chemical composition as a diamond but has a different crystal structure.

Refractory materials:

Graphite generally has uses as a refractory material in high-temperature applications, such as in the steel and glass industries.

Tennis rackets:It composites aid in the construction of high-end tennis rackets due to their lightweight and durable properties.

Heat sinks: Graphite as a heat sink material in electronic devices to dissipate heat away from sensitive components is essentially crucial. Such as CPUs and GPUs.

Brake linings: Graphite is often helpful in the manufacturing of brake linings. Especially, due to its high thermal stability and ability to withstand high temperatures and friction.

Nuclear reactors: Graphite as a moderator in nuclear reactors slows down the neutrons present in nuclear reactions. Thereby, allowing for more efficient energy production.

Foundry moulds:Graphite helps in the manufacturing of foundry moulds and cores. They have the ability to create metal castings in various industries.

Conductive coatings:Graphite is useful as a conductive coating in various applications. Including electronic devices and solar cells, due to their excellent conductivity and low cost.

Lubricants: Graphite’s unique properties make it an excellent lubricant, and it is present in a variety of applications where high-temperature resistance is necessary, such as in metal-forming processes.

Pencils:One of the most well-known uses of graphite in pencils. Graphite’s mixture with clay to form a pencil lead comes in the use of writing or drawing.

Lithium-ion batteries: Graphite is a key component in the anode of lithium-ion batteries, which are helpful in a wide range of applications, including smartphones, laptops, electric vehicles, and more.

So, these are the basic materials where we can find graphite. 

The Bottom Line

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