Starting a new aggregate plant? Scan these 5 factors now!

How to design your new aggregate plant?
How to design your new aggregate plant?

Aggregate mining companies advice you to choose the finest option for your location by taking into account 5 considerations before you start building your aggregate plant.

Building a new aggregate plant can be a complex and challenging process, and it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure its success. The primary goal of the aggregate mining service providers is to create a solid building market to meet rising demand in the coming years.

Here are five key factors to consider when building a new aggregate plant

  1. Proving Deposit Size and Uniformity

It is crucial to prove the reserves of the deposit to accurately evaluate the mining operation’s value. Gathering comprehensive drill data throughout the deposit’s breadth is essential for the most accurate ROI calculations.  Also, ensure that the location of the plant is easily accessible to resources like water and electricity. Additionally, aggregate mining services suggest the availability of transportation infrastructure to move the finished product to its destination is crucial.

       2. Environmental Considerations

The construction and operation of a new aggregate plant must comply with environmental regulations. It is essential to understand and mitigate the plant’s potential impact on the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife.

      3. Production Requirements

Understand the required production volume and quality standards, as well as the range of products that the plant will produce. The selection of equipment and machinery must match the production requirements.

     4. Workforce and Training

The plant’s success depends on the workforce’s quality and skillset, and investing in training and development is crucial. Ensuring proper training programs for new and current employees can enhance their skills, leading to better productivity and a safer work environment.

    5. Planning for expansion

Most aggregate producers push their processing facilities to the limit before easing off just enough to stop frequent malfunctions. Future growth will be more economical while keeping initial expenses under control if the system’s bottlenecks are planned for up front. The most important aspect of this planning is the site layout. Obtaining quotes for feed rates higher than those initially anticipated may show that some equipment’s capacity can be doubled for only a 20% price increase. When an expansion is added, upgrading this machinery and the conveyors during the initial construction might result in significant savings.


Building a new aggregate plant involves several factors to consider, from proving deposit size and uniformity to workforce training and development. Understanding these factors is essential to ensure the plant’s success and profitability.

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